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The Globe Experience Project by BikeRyde
October 6, 2009, 2:10 am
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Two things on this post guy’s and gal’s.

First, I just wanted to share a cool project that Globe Bicycles is about to roll out November 1st. Globe, a division of Specialized, does just what their brand says it does. They specialize in the more “urban” style of bicycle as opposed to the “performance” aspect (see my previous post: “Performance- That’s the name of the Game). Globe has outfitted citizens with one of their bikes which matches their lifestyle and needs- but in return they want them to blog about their experience while venturing out into the world through new eyes. The deadline has already passed, but this could have been a fun opportunity to start an amateur bike video of sorts. And who knows, maybe something fun and exciting will come of this!?

Part 2:

With a new brand comes new bikes. This is one of Globe’s new fixed-gear/single speed bikes called the Roll. Below is a picture of one of the coolest badges I’ve ever seen. The unique headbadge doubles as a frame so you can insert any picture you like to brand your bike as your own.



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sick – in before deadline for next year

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