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Vote by thebikebar
October 13, 2009, 4:03 am
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Site: Downtown Minneapolis

Specific Sites: Hennepin Ave and First Ave

Specific Situation: Hennepin Ave and First Ave, previously one way streets (Hennepin with a bike lane and First Ave without) are now two way streets (Hennepin without a bike lane and First Ave with).

Switching the roads are: Pros for cyclists or cons for cyclists?

What do you think?

Best post wins one yellow, plastic, Bikes Anonymous branded valve cover.


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actually Hennepin still has a bike lane, but it will be shared by busses and turning cars.

wont know my thoughts until head down there to test it out. but my feeling is that change is good.

Comment by voodoozim

Really….only one vote??

Comment by thebikebar

Con! It’s not even a legit bike lane, it’s the shoulder of the road! And how can you even call it a bike lane if there are buses and turning cars to manuever around!? If someone really has to drive downtown everyday, let the a-hole take a lap around the block again to catch their turn rather than take a lane from cyclists and make it even more unsafe.

Comment by Fred

I hate it! – It is dangerous

Comment by Clam Chowder

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