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Dumb by akuncel
October 22, 2009, 9:49 pm
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People that ride bikes generally care for the environment.  I think that’s a safe assumption.  So I’m going to go off on tangent about the environment here.
I rode my bike (nice!) to a restaurant with a friend on Saturday, and at the end of the meal had two small slices of pizza and two really small meatballs left.  The waiter showed up at the end, and during the awkwardness of whether or not to take the food home, she made an executive decision for us.  30 seconds later our two small slice of pizza came back in a huge Styrofoam box and our the two meatballs, honestly smaller than a ping-pong ball, come back in a SEPARATE Styrofoam container.  The waitress sets it on the table and with a grin and a twinkle in her eye that said, “earth loves me,” she said, “You shouldn’t waste anything.”  So there is now two pieces of rather large Styrofoam en-route to a landfill for a few thousand years instead of two small slices of pizza and miniature meatballs already well broken-down by now in a compost container.  Ridiculous.  This happens all the time, but the fact that this lady sincerely thought she was doing the enviro-friendly thing bothers me. 
Don’t worry though – I did eat the meatballs later that night, cold and with my fingers while wasted, so the story has a happy ending! 

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