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Hipsters Vs. Hasidic Jews fight over bike lanes. by voodoozim
December 9, 2009, 8:40 pm
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taken from Wend Magazine’s online blog:

“I used to believe that nobody would be more excited for the Williamsburg hipster trend to pass than those of us who live in Portland, Oregon, where the style has somehow managed to garner leagues of dedicated, skinny-jeans-clad adherents. It turns out that I was wrong. Hasidic Jews and hipsters are in the midst of a turf war over bike lanes in Williamsburg, the former believing the influx of cyclists in the traditionally Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn poses a “safety and religious hazard” and the latter wanting a safe place to ride down Bedford Avenue. The two unlikely groups came to a head last week after the New York Department of Transportation removed a 14-block section of the Bedford Avenue cycling route “as part of ongoing bike network adjustments in the area.” According to a report in the Huffington Post, opponents to the change claim the city is just giving in to demands by members of the religious group, who complained to the community board that many of the young, female cyclists who rode through the neighborhood were “hotties,” who “ride in shorts and skirts,” both of which are against their dress code. In response, a group of local bike riders has taken it upon themselves to repaint the lane lines themselves. Ironically, the group of guerrilla line painters reportedly included members of the Hasidic community who are not opposed to the lanes as well. Unfortunately I’m going to have to side with the hipsters on this one. Bike lanes, even if they are used to traffic hipsters into the city, trump religious fundamentalism every time. Watch the footage of guerilla line-painters at work above.”


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