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Know before you go by iKeLikEsBiKeS
November 6, 2010, 4:05 pm
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Plannning on heading out for a long-ride this winter or trying to figure out what to wear before commuting to work?

Right now in Minneapolis there is a South Wind at 16.1 MPH. For my North-East ride from Eden Prairie into Minneapolis I will be dealing with 33MPH of Wind Resistance if I average a speed 20MPH, which is always my goal. Why does this matter?

(1) Cyclists are often geeks and like to know this stuff.

(2) Even with the best riding technique, a head wind will increase your energy expenditure per mile.

(3) Unless you are interested in emptying the tank before work you may want to check wind speed when judging the time it will take to commute to work.

(4) While wind chill today is a toasty Minnesota 31 degrees. Apparent wind chill if averaging 20MPH is 12 degrees based upon the current temp of 35 degrees.


Check here before you go for up to date Temperature, Wind Speed, Heat Index, Wind Chill, Relative Humidity, Dew Points and Barometric Pressure

To understand the impact the wind has on your cycling check out the apparent wind calculator that Minnesota based HED (some of the best Wheelsets in the world) has developed:



30 19
50 31
60 37
80 50
100 62
120 75

Have a great ride!!!!


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